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Inspired by the great variety shows of the 1950s and 1960s, Dottie Maraschino and her talented troupe of actors and musicians bring a wildly entertaining dose of nostalgia to a modern cabaret stage. Through comedy, live jazz music, and dance,

Dottie Maraschino and The Stems 

sweeps audiences off their feet in a bright, jazzy, hilarious evening of theatre. 


Dottie Maraschino and The Stems

features not only the brassy and boisterous vocal talents of the fabulous Miss Dottie Maraschino, but a sizzling jazz vocal quartet with the tightest harmonies on the block. Together, they take on everything from jazz standards to musical theatre staples to your favorite themes from film and television with stunning original arrangements - Accompanied by a live band.


Sharp, bold, wacky, and fun are all words that have been used to describe the comedic stylings of

Dottie Maraschino and The Stems.

Through Dottie's quick wit, audience interaction, scripted sketches and scenes, musical comedy gems, and rapid fire jokes ranging from knock-knock to Sophie Tucker, this laugh-a-minute romp is sure to leave your cheeks aching.

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Dottie Maraschino and The Ste



Dorothy Angelina Maraschino (or as Mel Torme calls her, "Dottie"), is a larger than life cabaret personality hailing from the small town of Purgatory in the even smaller state of Rhode Island. She's done it all from working as a magician's assistant, singing backup for all the jazz greats, and headlining her very own. She's toured the country wowing audiences with her sizzling jazz harmony group, Dottie Maraschino Show and The Stems.


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